History of Swimming Dynamics

Swimming Performance Analysis started back in 2004 to provide online available swimming results to dial-up
internet users. The project started out as a free web service trading under the name of "Strand Aquatics".

The developmental goal was to provide interactive filtering of meets results that now take
place in server client fashion of today in a pure client side application similar to web 2.0 applications.

The development of the javascript interface and algorithms became my matric project and
underwent 3 redevelopments during that year to increase the speed, reliability andfunctionality
of meet results. Examples of this can be seen at Meet Results 2003-2004 click here to view.

Eventually,  disk space ran out and popularity began to pick up so it was time to look for an
alternative for the hosting, which Web Africa  gladly sponsored us with an ASP web hosting.
This lead to the development of www.strandaquatics.za.net & mobile strandaquatics.za.net
which ran from July 2004 to March 2007, after which sportza took over!

The main feature was that it provided Western Province Aquatics with the ablity to host the following:

  • download for TM2 database.
  • interactive functionality of site, meet results, rankings, athlete times.
  • E-mail notification to members that the site had been updated!

Thus, this lead to a mutually benificial relationship with Western Province Aquatics.
The site became popular over time,  where approximately 88% of all athletes in the
database were using the site based on athlete times being accessed.
Examples of this can be see at Strand Aquatics - statistics Reminder and
Statistical History for July 2004 - March 2007.

Then www.sportza.co.za was formed Western Province then moved ship!
I then started once again,  programming for sportza.co.za  doing what I enjoy.

Now the time has come to start a new era...............